About the project

Medical spa and wellness in the Visegrad space – online portal


A project financed within Standard Grants programme by the International Visegrad Fund
Project category: Promotion of tourism

What is the objective of this project?

The project is focused on one of the most important tourist attractions in the Visegrad space. Its objective is to make the offer of medical spa and wellness more complex and synoptic, to promote this branch of tourism and to attract new clients.

What is the context of the project?

Tourism is a sector reaching over state borders. The Visegrad space should be perceived as one region by tourists, especially by visitors from remote countries. So there is a great possibility that visitors would be interested in the Visegrad space as a whole. Medical spa and wellness sector plays an important role and has a long historical tradition in all Visegrad countries. The importance of this sector is increasing, especially due to promotion of a healthy lifestyle and with ageing of European population. Our goal is to support the Visegrad cooperation in the medical spa and wellness sector.

What is the output of this project?

The aim is to create a multilingual database of health resorts and medical wellness facilities. The concept of the database will be based on a unified presentation of individual health resorts and medical wellness facilities in all Visegrad countries, with a possibility of comparing single facilities and finding information using different criteria.

The database will be available on a free online portal in national languages of all involved countries.

Who is the target group?

  • public in all Visegrad countries and around the whole world
  • tour operators and travel agencies, public tourism, tourist information offices
  • public administration (regions, departments, authorities responsible for tourism and health)
  • health resorts and wellness facilities

Who will benefit from the project?

Residents and visitors to the Visegrad countries – information and motivation…
Medical spa and wellness – new patients and visitors

Who is involved in the project?

Project coordinator:
Balneology Research Institute, Czech Republic
Project partners:
Association of Slovak Spas, Slovakia
Association of Polish Spa Communes, Poland
Hungarian Marketing Association for Health Tourism, Hungary
Participants of the pilot project:
Medical spas and wellness facilities in V4 countries, which will provide data for the database

Project continuation

This project is supposed to continue on each partner country level and it is going to be upgraded and developed according to future circumstances. Following phases of the project are planned:
rating medical spas and medical wellness facilities, evaluation of medical spas and medical wellness client satisfaction.