Lázně Bludov (Státní léčebné lázně Bludov, s. p.)


Lázně Bludov (Státní léčebné lázně Bludov, s. p.)
Lázeňská 572, Bludov
Phone: (+420) 583 301 211
Fax: (+420) 583 301 250
E-mail: recepce@lazne-bludov.cz
WWW pages: www.lazne-bludov.cz

Medical Spa

Spa indications:
Locomotive system disorders
Respiratory diseases (non-tuberculous)
Metabolic diseases

Extra medical programme:
Educational training programme

Spa treatments:
Balneotherapy (treatments based on natural healing sources)
Thermotherapy (positive and negative)
Mechanotherapy (massages, ultrasound therapy, etc.)
Lighttherapy (e.g. laser, UV, infrared, etc.)
Nutrition therapy
Other medical treatments


Natural/healing sources:
Natural healing peloids (peat, mud, fango, etc.)
Natural healing waters
Climatic conditions suitable for healing
Thalassotherapy (sea climate, peloids, water, seawead)

Natural healing waters:
Carbonic water
Hydrocarbonic water (Ca 2+, Mg 2+, Na +)
Others with some trace elements

Specialised professional services:
Certification of used natural sources and care
Doctor everyday availability
Psychological service
Healthy life style consultancy
Childern care and treatment
Final medical treatment report


Swimming pool, Sauna area

Hotel, Villa

Price (person/night):
< 50 EUR

Gastronomy facilities:
Restaurant, Café, Confectionery

Tourist attractions (up to 50 km):
Cave, Rocks, Mountains, River / lake, Forest, Wildlife: flora and fauna, Natural reservations, Cathedral / churches / monastery, Castle / chateau / historical house, Historical city / village, Monument /memorial / column / statues, Archaeological site, Garden / park, Modern architecture, Technical building / industrial architecture, Historical railways, Cable railway, Museum / gallery, Amusement / theme park /complex, Open air museum, Craft centre, Factory tour / shop, Farm open to the public, ZOO / safari park, Casino, Sporting event: watching / participating, Arts festival, Market / fair, Traditional customs and folklore event, Historical anniversary, Religious event