Bogácsi Thermálfürdő Kft.


Bogácsi Thermálfürdő Kft.
Dózsa György út 16., Bogács
Phone: +3649534410
Fax: +3649534021
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Medical Spa

Spa indications:
Skin diseases
Locomotive system disorders
Respiratory diseases (non-tuberculous)
Urological diseases
Diseases of the digestive system
Gynaecological diseases
Metabolic diseases

Spa treatments:
Thermotherapy (positive and negative)
Mechanotherapy (massages, ultrasound therapy, etc.)
Nutrition therapy
Other medical treatments


Natural/healing sources:
Natural healing peloids (peat, mud, fango, etc.)
Natural healing waters
Natural healing gas
Climatic conditions suitable for healing

Natural healing waters:
Sulfurous thermal water
Carbonic water
Sulfate water (Ca 2+, Mg 2+, Na +)
Hydrocarbonic water (Ca 2+, Mg 2+, Na +)
Iodine water
Others with some trace elements

Specialised professional services:
Emergency avalaibility
Doctor everyday availability
Final medical treatment report


Swimming pool, Sauna area

Hotel, Pension

Price (person/night):
< 50 EUR

Gastronomy facilities:
Restaurant, Café, Confectionery, Night club

Tourist attractions (up to 50 km):
Cave, Rocks, Mountains, River / lake, Forest, Wildlife: flora and fauna, Natural reservations, Cathedral / churches / monastery, Castle / chateau / historical house, Historical city / village, Monument /memorial / column / statues, Archaeological site, Garden / park, Historical railways, Museum / gallery, Amusement / theme park /complex, Open air museum, Farm open to the public, Sporting event: watching / participating, Market / fair, Traditional customs and folklore event, Historical anniversary, Religious event